Researchers: We’ll be sending rice to the United States soon

Rice farmers in Japan are working on a new rice technology to reduce the impact of climate change on their crops.

Researchers at the Japan Agricultural University, however, are warning that the technology is too slow and will cause farmers to lose valuable land.

The research, described in a recent issue of the journal Agricultural Research, is the first to look at how rice yields are affected by global warming.

“It is important to consider the future of rice cultivation,” the study authors wrote.

“Because the yield of rice is the main determinant of its value, we are concerned about the impact that global warming may have on the yield.”

The paper also includes the results of a recent study that looked at the effects of global warming on rice yields around the world.

The researchers found that if the world continues on its current path, global warming will have a negative impact on rice farming.

“Global warming is expected to reduce global rice yield by up to 50 percent by 2050,” the researchers wrote.

“We believe that the current climate situation may be the result of human-caused climate change, especially the observed increases in CO2 concentration.”

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