Study abroad? How to study abroad

By David WeigelPublished July 02, 2018 07:31:15In a new survey, most Americans say they’ve had the opportunity to study at home, but only a minority of respondents say they have taken advantage of the opportunity.

While the overall share of Americans saying they have been offered a study abroad position rose from 31% to 37% last year, the share who say they’re considering a study overseas position has declined.

The survey, which was conducted by Gallup on behalf of the Center for Immigration Studies, found that in 2016, 57% of Americans said they were considering a trip to another country.

In 2018, that number had dropped to 43%, while in 2019, it had risen to 48%.

That is largely because of an uptick in Americans who say their children are studying abroad, according to the poll.

Of those, 41% said they’d been offered the opportunity, up from 28% in 2016.

The Center for Immigrant Studies says this trend is particularly pronounced among younger Americans, with nearly half of those younger than 30 saying they were in the market for a study-oriented internship.

The survey also found that those with college degrees were less likely than those without to say they had been offered an internship.

In general, younger Americans are less likely to say that they are considering a position abroad than their older peers.

In 2016, 43% of younger Americans said that they were actively pursuing a study placement abroad, compared with 48% of older Americans.

The two groups also were roughly equally likely to believe that their children were studying abroad as those with higher levels of education.

In the first survey in 2017, 45% of those aged 18 to 29 said they had considered a study trip abroad, down from 51% in 2018.

That number rose to 62% of 18- to 29-year-olds in 2019.

The number was at 64% in 2020, though it fell to 58% in 2021.

And while the percentage of Americans who said they have ever applied to study overseas dropped in 2019 from 52% to 44%, the percentage who said that a family member or friend has applied to a study job abroad increased from 42% to 56%.

The number of people who have applied to travel abroad rose from 21% in 2019 to 30% in 2026.

That rose to 31% in 2025 and 32% in 2030, the center reported.

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