Researchers at University of Michigan study overseas for $12,500 study

The study of foreign study abroad was a way to gain access to an elite university, but it also gave students the chance to get a hands-on experience and learn a little bit about their local community.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are spending $12 to study in India for two years.

The goal is to see if there’s a gap between the expectations students have for a traditional college degree and the actual educational outcomes they get.

They will be looking at students from India and the U.S. There are several studies around the world looking at the value of study abroad.

This study is different, however, because it’s not about the U, or a traditional university, it’s about students from a different country.

U of Minnesota is looking at an undergraduate program in an Indian university and students from five other countries, from Chile, France, Germany, and India.

For students from these other countries the study will include reading and writing and a study abroad in India.

The U of Minnesota study will be led by associate professor of education David A. Calkins.

He is also the president of the National Council for International Studies.

Calkins said that the study is aimed at creating a bridge between the traditional college education and the work-based learning that students in the U of M have come to expect.

“The U is the largest source of students who have come here to study abroad and the opportunity for students to experience life in India has always been an important part of the experience,” Calkens said.

Students will be able to work closely with Calkons team to prepare for the study.