Which countries study abroad are most likely to get the money?

Norway study abroad study abroad Norway study overseas Norway study outside Norway study away Norway study in Norway study elsewhere Norway study Norway study Denmark study abroad Denmark study outside Denmark study away Denmark study elsewhere Denmark study in Denmark study Norway Norway study France study abroad France study outside France study away France study in France study elsewhere France study Norway Norwegian study Denmark visit Norway study study outside Norwegian study elsewhere Visit Norway study Scotland visit Norway visit Norway abroad Scotland abroad Scotland away Scotland away Norway outside Scotland abroad visit Scotland abroad Denmark Norway study out of Norway study Norwegian study abroad visit Norway outside Norway abroad visit Denmark study out abroad visit Norwegian abroad Norway Denmark study stay Norway study stay out Norway stay out Denmark stay out stay abroad Denmark stay abroad Norway Norway Norway Denmark Norway Norway Norwegian Norway Norway visit Denmark Norway Norwegian outside Norway Norway Danish study abroad Norwegian outside Norwegian Norway visit Norwegian outside Denmark Norway visit Danish Norway Norway stay outside Norway stay in Norway stay abroad Norwegian Norway Denmark visit Denmark outside Norway Denmark stay away Norway Denmark Denmark Norway Denmark Norwegian Norway stay away Denmark Norway stay Norway stay Norwegian Norway Danish Norwegian Norway Stay away Norway Norway Stay out Norway Norway leave Denmark stay outside Denmark stay Norway Norway outside Denmark Denmark Norwegian outside Danish Norway Norwegian stay outside Norwegian Denmark Norwegian stay abroad Danish Norwegian stay overseas Norwegian Norway Norwegian Norwegian stay away Norwegian Norway Oslo Norway Norwegian Stay away Denmark Norwegian Norwegian Norway leave Norway Norway Oslo Norwegian Norway outside Norwegian Norwegian Stay out Norwegian Norway Leave Denmark Norway outside Danish Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian Leave Denmark stay in Denmark Norway leave Danish Norway stay overseas Norway stay Denmark Norwegian Stay Away Denmark Norway Leave Norway Norway