When to Study Abroad

The Hill article U.S. students abroad tend to be among the youngest, which can be a boon for their chances of landing an international job, according to a new study.

U.N. statistics show that the number of foreign students studying abroad has nearly doubled since 2000, to 4.6 million.

The number of U.K. students studying overseas also jumped by a similar amount.

The U.


Department of Education reported that this year’s students are enrolling in higher education at a rate that’s nearly twice as fast as the number entering in the same years.

The top-performing countries are in Europe and Asia, followed by the United States, Japan and China.

The top-scoring countries are South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The United States has more students than any other nation.

It’s also one of the top-ranked countries in the world, with an average of nearly 14,000 students per student, according a report from the World Bank.

The World Bank said that a lot of U