The latest study abroad opportunities for Argentinian students have surged in recent years, with more than 5,000 students studying in the country in the past five years.CIEES INTERVIEW: How are student exchange programs working for you?

Gabriel Roca, an Argentinian student studying in Paris, said he was “very happy” when his school invited him to participate in a study abroad program in the United States.

He said he is “very excited” about his new program.

“We can now start to understand what the United Kingdom and France are like,” he said.

Roca said he and his fellow students are excited to learn more about the United Nations and the EU, and how the two countries are working to address the issue of climate change.

He added that he has also been impressed by the country’s educational institutions, which he said are “much more open and welcoming than they used to be.”

“The education system is really different than what it used to get,” Roca said.

“You have so many new teachers, and you have to be careful because the people that come in can be quite aggressive, and they want to get you out of the country.”

Gabriel said he has “always loved studying abroad,” but he was more excited to participate.

“I’m very happy with the experience,” he added.

“My friends who were in the program are very nice, and I think it was really great.”

The Argentine government has invested a lot of money into student exchange opportunities, said Maria Coronado, an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She said the government has set aside more than $200 million to fund more than 2,000 exchange programs.

“For some people, they’re not aware of the possibilities of studying abroad in the future,” Coronados said.