Biden urges Congress to support study abroad programs

Sen. Biden urged Congress to approve the $50 million in annual spending that would be required to support U.S. study abroad initiatives in the coming years.

“We need to keep this program alive, keep it relevant, and I think the American people deserve to know that we’re investing in it,” Biden said during a visit to the University of Southern California.

The $50 billion in annual funding would provide funding for more than 6,500 students from around the world.

It would also provide $200 million for a pilot project to support foreign student enrollment at U.N. schools, and $200,000 for a national study abroad project.

“This is not a blank check,” Biden told a group of students gathered in a student lounge in Los Angeles.

“This is a big-picture plan.

This is a blueprint.

This has to be part of our future, and this is going to have to be funded.”

The Vice President’s speech came on the same day that President Donald Trump signed an executive order to expand the study abroad program.

The President’s order would create a new federal study abroad funding program and expand the current federal grant program to support the study overseas program in other countries.

The Biden administration said it would also help foreign students with scholarships and job training.

While Biden was speaking, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the President was “unfair to our students.”

“It’s not just the President’s own student loan debt, it’s the students’ student debt,” Schumer said.

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