Fairfield study overseas: An overview

The Fairfield, Colorado, study abroad program is looking for students interested in participating in an intensive program to study abroad.

The Fairmont Campus is the largest study abroad center in the United States.

Here’s what you need to know.


What are study abroad programs?

Fairfield Campus study abroad organizations offer a variety of study abroad options, including a full semester abroad experience.

Fairfield’s study abroad centers offer the option to take classes in a local language or language training.

The campus also offers online programs and a wide variety of online learning options, which include classes taught by a team of study-abroad educators.

Learn more about study abroad at fairmontcampus.com.


Are there other programs in the Fairmont area?

Fairmont has over 250 academic programs, many of which are full-time and offer students the opportunity to live in a campus community and participate in the academic program as part of the student body.

Fairmont’s community colleges offer the opportunity for students to study online at local colleges.

There are also a few local programs that offer a semester-long degree.

Learn about Fairmont University’s study overseas programs at fairmetevelopment.org.


Is Fairmont a local university?


Fairview is a community college, meaning that students and faculty work in a shared campus environment.

As a community-college campus, students can also attend the university’s campus activities.

Fairmete’s students are also members of the Fairfield Community, which is a group of community leaders and community leaders’ alumni.

Fairland’s campus is a public, nonprofit institution, and Fairmont is a member of the Association of Public Community Colleges.


Are Fairmont students eligible for federal Pell Grants?

Fairmount University is a federally funded public university that is part of Fairmont.

Students eligible for Pell Grants are those who have earned Pell Grants from the University.

Learn how to apply for Pell grants at fairmountcollege.org/grants.


What types of programs are available at Fairmont?

There are four study abroad study abroad events per year: Fall, Spring, Summer and Fall Semester.

Students can choose to attend any of the study abroad opportunities offered at Fairmount.

The students can choose from: International Study abroad in Paris, France; French Studies and Intercultural Studies, Paris, French; International Summer Study abroad, Paris; and English Study abroad and Summer Semester abroad, Toronto, Ontario.

Students are also eligible for the Fairmount Summer Semesters Program.

Learn More about study overseas at fairmctevelopments.org or fairmontmete.com/study-exchange.


How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships for Fairmount students are available through the Fairmetes Scholarships Office.

The program is available for any student enrolled in a full- or part-time degree program.

Students who receive a scholarship must apply to the scholarship office.

Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of academic merit and financial need.

For more information on scholarships, visit fairmetes.org/.


Can I get a scholarship if I’m already enrolled at a community institution?

Yes, you can apply for scholarships through the Community College Application Process, which allows you to fill out an online application.

There is also a website that can help you find scholarships and more information about campus life at fairviewcommunitycollege.com or fairmetecommunitycollege.net.


Is there a limit to the number of students that I can attend a Fairmont study abroad event?


Each year, Fairmount participates in the Global Scholarships Program, which provides a maximum of 30 students the chance to participate in an event.

This maximum is based on academic merit, and is based upon student performance and overall academic standing.

Learn what the Global Scholarship Program is all about at fairmondcampus.org/#grants and fairmontcommunitycollege