How to apply for study abroad in Japan

STUDY EXPEDITION in Japan is the latest option for students who want to study abroad for two or more years.

Here’s how to apply to go for an opportunity to study in the country, from a variety of countries.1.

Study abroad and get a visa2.

Study at a Japanese university3.

Work in a Japanese-based organization4.

Apply for a Japanese student visa5.

Get a Japanese work permit6.

Get an internship7.

Find a job in Japan8.

Start a new job in the city9.

Go to an international festival10.

Find an internship in JapanIn short, you’re going to have to have a Japanese passport to go to Japan.

The visa process takes about a month, and you can apply in person at any university or university-affiliated organization.

You’ll also need to take a Japanese citizenship test.1.)

Study abroad in the United States1.

Go abroad, and get an entry visa2,3.

Get your Japanese citizenship2.

Apply in person for a work permit3.

Apply to be an intern4.

Take a Japanese Citizenship test5.

Apply online for an internship6.

Take the online test7.

Learn a foreign language8.

Take an international cultural event9.

Become a full-time Japanese citizen10.

Go on a trip abroad