When Tufts study overseas, it’s not an easy decision to make

The University of Tufts has taken a new approach to study abroad.

The school’s international study abroad program has been expanded by two, and it’s now open to all UF students.

Tufts International students have been encouraged to apply and apply now, and the school’s enrollment is still growing, but the school says that the goal is to have 1,000 international students enrolled by the end of the academic year.

Tuft University’s International Students and Scholars Program, as it’s known, will be a three-year, $10,000-per-year program, with more than 200 students expected to participate, according to the school.

Tupping for the first time in its history, the university says that students will receive up to $4,500 in financial aid to cover tuition, room and board, transportation, and meals.

Tuition and room and charge will be reimbursed in addition to tuition.

Tupped students will also have access to their personal records, such as a transcript, to help determine eligibility.

Tupperdubious Tufts University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the oldest U.S. university, and Tufts is a public institution.

Tuits president, John C. Fetterman, said the university is expanding its study abroad programs to make sure that all students have a chance to have a good experience.

The university has also expanded its online study abroad opportunities, he said, and that the university hopes to expand its study and internship opportunities in the coming years.

Students interested in Tufts’ study abroad should apply and enroll in the program, according the school website.

The program will cost students $9,000 per year and includes a tuition waiver of up to 20 percent of their total cost, according Tufts.

TuFts students can also earn financial aid through the school in addition, the school said.

The full extent of Tuft’s study abroad will be revealed in the spring of 2019.